About EFAS

The European Federation of Audiology Societies, EFAS, is a non-profit organization, formed as a federation of national audiology societies in the European countries founded about 20 years ago. The main scope of EFAS is to promote better educational and professional liaison in European audiology, in both the academic and practical spheres. This includes grants and scholarships for young audiology students to enable them to travel, learn and promote interchange with institutions in other countries. EFAS also develops collaboration through EFAS Working Groups which help to promote important underlying and unifying educational, screening and diagnostic audiology principles across Europe.

Mission Statement of EFAS

The scope of EFAS is to promote cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge of audiology
within Europe, both as a scientific field and as a hearing health service offered to the public. EFAS
may also act as a common spokesman for European audiology in relation to other organizations.

We aim to:

• Provide guidelines for education in Audiology (in relationship to the Bologna process)
• Provide guidelines for the quality of service delivery
• Provide the possibility of exchange and dissemination of knowledge
• Promote the visibility and leverage of Audiology to policy makers


EFAS Honorary Office
Chairman: Theresa Pitt, IR
Vice Chairman: Françoise Sterkers-Artières, FR
Past Chairman: Jan Wouters, BE
General Secretary: Birger Kollmeier, DE
Treasurer: Martin Kompis, CH